Frequently Asked Questions

What does "unlimited" mean?

You can send us as many design requests as you like and we will process them one by one in a queue for you as fast as humanly possible. You will never be charged more than the monthly fee and there are no other fees that you'll need to pay to access our design service.

So, can I send 100 different requests in one go?

We use a queuing service. This means that we'll process each design request individually and will not progress to the next request until the current one is 100% completed. We have made exceptions at times based on a fair go policy.

Are there restrictions on the types of design work that you do?

As long as it’s a request for a static graphic design, we'll be able to complete the job. If you are looking for other forms of design work such as animation, CAD, 3D work or web development or programming, contact us for a custom job quote.

I have multiple brands I'm working on, can you cater for this?

Most certainly!

Can I share my account with others?

Yes, you can, but please bear in mind that we process your design requests one at a time, so if the account is being shared excessively, it may cause bottlenecks.

I am an agency. Can I use your services for my own clients?

Yes, as you own all rights to the work, you can use it as you see fit. If anything, this would be the perfect time to pick up the smaller pieces of work to free up larger projects for your team.

Who owns the work that is designed?

You own everything that is designed by us, as you have paid for the work.

Do you work on weekends?

No, the unicorns retreat to their caves to meditate and come prepared for the new week with more brilliant design ideas to bring to the stable...I mean, table.

Do I need to commit to a contract?

No, you can cancel at any time.

What is a "time quote"?

A ‘time quote’ is essentially us quoting the time required to complete a task. There are no additional costs associated, but we do require time to complete quality work.

What if I need something done immediately?

Haven't we all been there—where something was needed yesterday? We generally ask for 24 hours to turn around a brief (or longer, pending the complexity of the brief). However, on the odd occasion that you require a design request turned around within 1-2 hours, email your account manager, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you guys do web design?

Yes, we do! However, it will take longer than the standard 1-2 business days to design a website. Depending on the complexity and number of pages you require, we normally ask for 2 weeks to a month.

Can you adhere to brand and style guides?

Yes, we can. As long as the brand or style guide is provided along with any specific requirements on colours, fonts and sizing, we'll be able to produce design work within your guidelines.

I'm in! How quickly can I get my design work from you?

This depends on your design brief. Before we start a job, we will be able to provide a ‘time quote’ which will tell you how long the task will take. A ‘time quote’ reflects the complexity of the task - so, a new logo design or a five-page website will take more time than, say, a static Facebook banner.

I’ve signed up. What now?

As soon as you sign up, you'll have access to our design request system. From there, you can immediately email your first design request and get your job started. There isn't a lengthy onboarding process or a briefing template you need to follow (unless you prefer a template, we can provide one as a guide).

I’ve just received my design work, but I'm not 100% happy. What now?

You can request an unlimited number of changes. We will keep working on the design until you are 100% happy.

How about revisions? How long will this take?

Every revision may take at least one business day. If it's a more complex change, it may take longer. As with the initial design request, we will provide you with a ‘time quote’ on the change.

How do I cancel my account?

If you’d like to cancel your account, you can email us or login to your UnicornGO account and click ‘cancel’ in the account management section.

Question not answered here?

Feel free to email us if you have any question not already answered here

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